My name is Jason Brooks, I’m 31 years old and have been into fitness since I was 18! I was always a small guy in school and was ready to see some change in my life, so I turned to fitness. Over the last 13 years I’ve used many products and I have found one company that makes products that I truly can say tastes good, gives me great energy through my whole workout, and I don’t crash afterwards! The “Ballistic” preworkout out is top notch and will always be in my gym bag! I’m an avid hunter and very active person in different kinds of physical activity so to have a product like “Ballistic” to get me through a workout where I’m pushing myself harder and harder each time to make myself better and stronger is an awesome feeling! Thank you Donnie for such great products and look forward to the future and my growth as an athlete and hunter!! Thank you again Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks – Owner, Land and Brooks Archery

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