In life, I wear many hats. From guiding clients to western big game animals, to removing hazardous trees in residential areas and everything in between. I try to keep myself in good shape by training multiple times a week. I’m getting to the age where it hurts my body after a long night on the mountain packing an Elk out or running a chainsaw all day on weekends after putting in a 40-hour work week at my regular job.

I turned to Redy Nutrients just over a year ago, I really liked the taste of Redy’s pre workout (mountain berry) not only was it tasty but it cranked up my intensity in the gym and on the mountain. The BCAA’s made my grueling packs off the mountain go smother and I didn’t have the after pack out fatigue I used to suffer from pushing myself to hard. The fat burners ramped my conditioning up before hunting season and leaned me out so I was ready to put in work. Redy Nutients have exceeded my expectations, and they will continue to be my go to supplements for all my future endeavors. Thanks, Redy for an awesome product!

– Jonathan Roundy, BoneJunkie

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