The 2021 archery elk season started with much anticipation. After picking a spot to hike in, I hiked in opening week and set up camp about 5 miles in from the trail head in Idaho’s pristine backcountry.

The season began much like many others in the early season, a few elk, a few bugles, and miles on the boots! When I am putting in 7 top 10 miles a day hunting elk, I rely heavily on a couple products made by Redy Nutrients to keep me going. The Ballistic and Magma are staples in my pack. They provide the energy and recovery I need to keep grinding day after day.

Well after 10 days on the mountain things began to heat up. The elk were moving, bugling, and starting to feel the cool fall air as much as myself. After several close encounters without the opportunity for a clean and ethical shot I was getting a bit discouraged. 

The morning began like most, however, the elk seemed to be much more and active. Bugles rang down the canyon all morning. I heard a couple bulls bugling back and forth just a few hundred yards down the draw. I quickly moved into a position I hoped would put me between them. I bugled once and they both returned in kind. One bull sounded a bit closed he bugled at 200 yards, and I dropped my pack anticipating him coming my way. 

Oh, he came my way, only minutes later I heard a roar of a bugle only 30 yards from me and saw 4 cows pushing out of the bottom. They were coming!!

The bull was pushing below them and walking right at me! I could see his antlers at 20 yards and coming at me fast!

As I was processing where he might come out of the thick bottom, he popped out moving directly at me.

I drew hoping he wouldn’t walk right over me! He made a small turn 9 yards away giving me a clean broadside shot. The sound of an arrow hitting its mark is unmistakable!

After tracking him through some thick, thick cover I was finally able to put my eyes on him.

The first time I had gotten a good look with it all happening so fast. Now the work has started. I took a few minutes for some pics, slammed a bottle filled with my Redy Nutrients and got after breaking this beautiful creature down to manageable parts.

The next day and a half were filled with work and smiles. I was blessed to be able to get some packing help from my son and a great friend.

2021 was an adventure full of ups and downs, work, struggle, and great satisfaction. I’m 54 now and with the help of Redy products I hope to keep up these crazy adventures as long as I can.

Blessed to have a freezer full of elk and a head full of amazing memories.

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