BY Earl Peterson

At my yearly physical in the early spring, my doctor told me that I needed to change the way my body was using protein.  I am nearly 70 years old and am living a moderately active lifestyle.  In particular, I like to hunt, hike and travel to new places.  Physical activity is a part of my daily life style.  Anyway, what my doctor told me was that I don’t eat enough early in the day, but eat my protein far too late in the day. By eating the majority of my protein during our normal 7 o’clock dinner, my body does not absorb the necessary protein before I head off to bed in the 9:30- 10 ‘clock range.

Through the years I have tried other supplements.  One, I did not like the taste or texture and two I could not see where they were doing me any good.  During 2017 I have had several hunts and several more yet to complete later in the year.   Most of these hunts are quite physical for a 70 year old.  So, I decided to try a supplement once again.  I was told about Redy Nutrients TUFF, which is a New Zealand Whey Protein.  I chose the Cinnamon Bun flavor.

My daily regimen is that I exercise every day, and take two 10 ounce glasses of TUFF, once in the morning and once during mid-afternoon.  With my good cholesterol, I do two eggs for breakfast and a piece of cold game meat and a piece of fruit for lunch.   In the evening I have a good well balanced meal with protein, vegetables and fruit.  I am staying away from grains, pasta and sweets.  What I have found is that my protein shakes keep me from being hungry and put me in the right state of mind to eat healthy for dinner.  The TUFF shakes keep me from sneaking unhealthy food because my body feels satisfied.

At my yearly physical, my doctor said it would do me good to lose 20 pounds.  I thought that was impossible as I have weighed about the same 195 for the past 20+ years.  He also said that he would like to see me back to my high school weight of 165.  That was double impossible as the 30 pounds difference had taken me 50 years to put on and I did not think there was anything I could do to achieve that goal.

It is now five months since my physical.  I am 175 pounds and feel the best that I have in 20+ years. The pounds have slowly come off with me losing 1-2 pounds per week.   I exercise every day and work up a good sweat. I have my 2 glasses of Tuff protein, which is doable because it actually mixes up good with water and the Cinnamon Bun flavor is fantastic.  On the bottle, it is explained that the TUFF Whey is derived from the highest quality New Zealand Whey protein Concentrate, exclusively free range grass-fed cows living healthy lives and they are not treated with any growth hormones.  Whatever, all I know is that it helps me post workout and assists in my weight loss.

TUFF has convinced me that I need to try some of the other Redy Nutrients other supplements.  I have some on order now.  Who knows—maybe my old high school weight is achievable.

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